Information and Tips about Web Development, Coding,

Information and Tips about Web Development, Coding,

  • Technical skills required for Web Designers in 2015

    Most of the people wondering about a website designing cost based on high-quality and advance technology.   In 2015, the good news is that a web designing platform booms a custom website development by focusing on broad knowledge, sophisticated technologies and use different skills in creating the website that consists of web graphic design, interface design, […]

  • PHP Vs Node.js, Which is Best?

    Technology is continually changing and so is the people’s choice of working on different technologies. PHP and Node.js are two technologies that are now in vogue among the programming community.  Both are primarily used in web development and are open source. Given their similarities, it would also be in the best interests of a Node.js […]

  • Key Features and Benefits(Advantages) of CodeIgniter

    There is a huge demand for CodeIgniter among the PHP web developers due to its dynamic features and benefits these days. It is one of most popular and agile open source PHP framework for creating robust web applications in PHP web development field.  Any web applications developed based on CodeIgniter framework perform effectively and rapidly. […]

  • Common Mistakes Made by PHP Web Developers

    The popularity of PHP is obviously known. Going by the market demand, this server-side scripting language that is used in web development is the most desired programming language. It is estimated that PHP was installed on 39% of the websites. This proves the point that PHP is the most preferred language among the web development […]

  • Yet to Release PHP 7 Expected Features and Advantages

    Have you been waiting for the release of PHP 7 ? If so, your long wait for it is becoming a reality, anytime soon. As a language for web development, it has continued to be popular among the PHP developers community.  Undoubtedly, this server side scripting language is today the language that is much in […]